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About us

Thanks to the comprehensive support and constant attention to the industry of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the textile industry has become one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the economy in the era of a new revival and great transformations. A vivid confirmation of this is the launch of a factory for the production of medical cotton and cosmetic cotton products in Ashgabat. The construction of the factory was carried out in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan dated December 17,2017 №9278 “On the construction of a factory for the production of medical cotton and cosmetic cotton products in the city of Ashgabat”.  The project was implemented by the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan in Cooperation with Kotam Enterprises LTD (Turkey). 

The raw material for the production of the factory is the purified fibrous waste of the spinning enterprises of the Ministry of the Textile Industry of Turkmenistan. Every year, the factory processes up to 4,800tons of refined fiber raw cotton waste.

The production capacity of the factory is 4200 tons of medical cotton and 12.4 million pieces of cosmetic cotton products (cotton swabs, cotton pads, make-up remover tampons) per year. 

The factory has 90 units of technological equipment from well-known companies such as “MARZOLI”, “STREMA” (Italy), “TEXTENCHNO” (Switzerland), “BALKAN”, “KAVURLAR”, “TETISAN”, “FORMAK” and “SAIT-IZMIT” (Turkey) and introduced more than 50 new production technologies.

Annually here will be produced products with amount of 7.5 million USD. The production building of the factory consists of two separate metal buildings. 

  • A workshop for the production of medical cotton, with a total area 232.6 square meters, uniting two warehouses. The workshop contains office, laboratory, plumbing and other auxiliary premises.
  • A workshop for the production of cosmetic waddings, which includes a finished warehouse with a total area of 232.6 square meters.  The workshop is equipped with an autonomous cooling and ventilation system. The workshop provides changing rooms, showers toilet facilities for staff. Warehouses are equipped with special racks for placing finished products. 

The office building of the factory is a 2-storey building with a total of 2133 square meters. The building is decorated with white marble, dark red granite, alucobond and dark glass. The premises of the building are equipped with a set of furniture, computers and office equipment. 

The engineering part of the factory includes a steam boiler, a 35/04 kw transformer plant, a fire tank and a water storage tank with a volume of 677 cubic meters. External engineering networks and communications (energy, steam and water supply) are carried out through equipped underground pipelines.

The commissioning of a factory for the production of medical cotton and cosmetic cotton products will create 140 new jobs.